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Oct. 4, 2005

Believe It Or Not

*sniffle. Snuffle.*
Yuck. There's some cold going around right now. I had it last week, and it's finally clearing up now. Zak started to get it, but a friend told us about this, which... holy shit, it actually works. (Am I the only one that's surprised when things actually do what they are supposed to do? When advertising doesn't lie?)

I have a finished sweater to show you. I even had Zak photograph it for me. In reviewing the photos, however, I realized that the steam-blocking I gave it effectively obliterated the 6 inches of waist shaping. I have the thing wet-blocking now, which promises to make it even softer and more irresistible than it already is, so... photos of that soon.

In the mean time, here's the delicious shawl Amy made for me. Glorious, yes? And... enormous? Definitely yes.

This shawl is proving to be very easy to wear. It is very light and malleable, and it is big enough to wrap in many different ways. It sheds a bit, but not much, and it tends to stay put once it's wrapped. I think I will wear it most as a scarf. It looks pretty strange and spectacular that way.

I realize the layout of this entry, with the photos all shoved in at the bottom, is not so nice. This is the best I have been able to do so far; otherwise, blocks of text get shoved into the sidebar. I'm going to have to learn more about HTML, specifically about the unfamiliar bits in the photo-insertion blocks of text Blogger gives you, so that I can have a bit more control over this. I miss Moveable type.

I love the last shot, with the Rammstein guys peeking out from behind the delicate lace. I'm easily amused.


At 7:45 p.m., Blogger Bel said...

Hi Mandy!!! Beautiful shawl... and your hair is getting so long!
Love, Bel

At 8:16 p.m., Anonymous Uncle Bob said...

Wow. Mandy and Don Cherry pitching the same cold remedy. Truth is stranger than fiction.

At 9:14 a.m., Blogger spaazlicious said...

Chalk me up as another who's shocked when stuff works (& still bummed when it doesn't)

I like blogger's interface-thingummy, I think it makes it easy. Paricularly how it inserts the paragraph breaks with just me doing a "enter" key stroke. I don't use the compose section as that just seems to insert things I don't need.

It just looks from your source that whatever you are using to put photos in is also inserting style sheet stuff with floating and crap that I don't know if you need, and maybe they are what is causing the trouble.

Hmmm... I just tried to put in an example of how I format it, but the blogger comments (in addition to providing hella long verification letter strings) won't allow the code tag, so, I guess you can just open up my blog, open up your blog, and view the sources side by side to see what I mean. Although since you use Linux (am I remembering that right?) I don't know how you get there, just how in IE.

At 12:39 p.m., Anonymous ang said...

i tried cold fx too - it hurt my tummy so I quit taking it. Needless to say I am still pretty sick. I am sure going to san fran for the weekend doesn't make it worse - onlly better right?

At 5:42 a.m., Blogger Lolly said...

That shawl is lovely! what a nice gift-and it looks so wearable.
I have not tried that Cold stuff... I will though, if it works! thanks for the tip :)

At 4:20 p.m., Anonymous Bel said...

So, apparently we have a new site now... my Ma is going all out, with TypePad and all!

At 9:21 a.m., Blogger Visa Lisa said...

unfair... I want MY lace to be that even and beauuuuuuuuuutiful. It already is lovely, but I long for the day my lace work looks like Amy's. THat shawl is MAGNIFICENT!

At 11:11 a.m., Blogger Visa Lisa said...

I just checked back in just to drooooooool some more...


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