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Dec. 6, 2005

Great Minds...?

The other day I emailed Amy a photo of a beautiful entelac scarf I had made from some Silk Garden she had given me. (She gave me a sweater in it to rip and reuse, because she knew I had been lusting for the very colour of Silk Garden she had used.) (It's a gift, no photo for now.)

She wrote back and said she had just finished an entrelac scarf using Kureyon.

Okay, funny coincidence. Then tonight we talked on the phone, and it turns out we have also both just made the lovely Chanson en Crochet capelet. She has just started Inishmore; I am in the serious-commitment planning stages, have the yarn ready and am just waiting to finish my Christmas knitting. I have planned and bought yarn for a sweater for Zak, based on a particular cabled Phildar design from a few years ago; she had just been swatching for that same design.


Okay, it wasn't uncommon for us to both become obsessed with the same design or idea when we both lived in Calgary and talked knitting incessantly and shared magazines back and forth, but this is ridiculous.


At 4:41 a.m., Blogger jodi said...

Maybe some slow-to-react chemical in the Calgary water?

Um, did you notice that in the pdf pattern for the Chanson en Crochet, there is a picture that looks like the model is picking her nose? Why wouldn't they crop that? (I must be a twelve year old boy to notice stuff like that).

At 10:46 a.m., Blogger Lolly said...

Hey Mandy! I just used Silk Garden for a sweater, and I really liked it (I just had to get used to all of the "nature" in it!) It sounds lovely in an entrelac pattern!

Hope you are well! ;)


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