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Feb 4, 2006

The Saturn Sweater

Saturn Sweater

This is the final (for now) version of the sweater I knit from the beautiful yarn that Amy King dyed and spun for me almost 2 years ago. For almost a year it languished in my closet as an ill-proportioned cardigan, which came close enough to fitting that I kept putting off the work necessary to make it just right.

While Spencer and Lisa were visiting, I pulled it out and started removing the buttons and digging out the woven-in ends. (I am all in favour of ripping, I do it frequently, but man, I hate that part!!) After they left, I removed the bound-off edge and lengthened the sweater body by an inch or two. This bit of length made the sweater look much better, but I had to be frank with myself and admit that I still wasn't happy with the overall fit.

The upper sleeves were more close-fitting than I prefer, and as a result the yoke felt too snug through the shoulders. I like more ease in the upper arm and shoulder areas than I usually find in commercial patterns (I have quite wide shoulders), which is one reason I usually don't knit sweaters from patterns. This makes it even more frustrating when a sweater I have designed and knit for myself is too tight in the shoulders. (Having said that, I've learned a lot about how I want a sweater to fit, since the I first knit this sweater.)

Saturn Sweater

I ripped the yoke, added length and width to the sleeves, and reknit the yoke. I added a wide, cozy collar, and reknit the expletive deleted button bands. Ta-da! I have a well-fitting, very warm, easy-to-wear cardigan which I adore.

Possibly the best thing about this sweater is that the combination of reds and pinks has almost preternatural powers of flattery for me. My crappy skin looks almost clear, it suits my colouring so perfectly.

I can't complain at all about spending more time with this delicious yarn. It's so varied, from meter to meter and skein to skein, that it's never boring. It's the kind of yarn that I will likely rip and re-knit over and over in coming decades as each sweater I make from it slowly wears out. It's hardy, I think it could handle it... and it would be worth it.

Saturn Sweater

The striping and colours on the back yoke of the sweater kept reminding me of alluring, brightly coloured illustrations of the planet Saturn, which intrigued me so much when I was a kid. Hence the name. (I suppose there's an obvious joke to be made about the size of the planet Saturn, and how I may look in this sweater. If you feel inclined to make this joke in the comments... don't.)

Saturn Sweater


At 4:52 AM, Blogger AmyP said...

Your cardigan looks amazing - well done on having the confidence to change something you didn't like into something you do!

At 5:43 AM, Anonymous Deb said...

LOVE the cardigan- any chance you have notes on the gauge/number of stitches/finished measurements you could share??? Is the weight of the yarn like any commercial yarn (Manos, maybe?) The collar is particularly flattering. AND- I know what you mean about the commercial pattern vs shoulder thing- I have the same issue. GOOD WORK!

At 8:04 AM, Anonymous Ande said...

That yarn is so gorgeous. And so, my dear, are you!
Call me when you get settled in.

At 8:15 AM, Blogger jodi said...

Mandy, it looks beautiful. I love the collar! Are you going to write this one up as a pattern?

At 10:00 AM, Blogger spaazlicious said...

It looks great--great fit, great yarn, great pattern to showcase the beautiful yarn and bod. ;)

At 4:11 PM, Blogger Karen said...

wow that's beautiful yarn -- love the finished product

and you look great!

At 7:21 PM, Blogger Dani said...

That sweater looks great on you! One thing my closet is lacking is decent sweaters. A knitter without sweaters is a sad thing.

At 8:36 PM, Anonymous ang said...

beautiful! How is your new place? I am in sucky kamloops now... so lonely and bored. How does Zak deal with this kind of stuff.

At 3:53 AM, Blogger Visa Lisa said...

Ok... One: You're a genious and just r-e-a-d-i-n-g about how you just readjust the sweater (and you make it sound easy!) is inspiring! I've been to Stockholm to see my mum, and guess who bought yarn to make an "easy moss stitch scarf" for herself? Yes. Mum. Hasn't knitted in ages. Your inspiration spreads like circles on the surface of a pond (or the Atlantic Ocean). I hope you're getting comfortable in the new home! And I hope to talk more/ write more to you soon! Love.

At 4:22 AM, Blogger jillian said...

it looks amazing, color ,fit - love the collar!
I would have stuffed it in waay back of my closet, I bow to you, most gifted of knitters!

At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Ann said...

Wow, Mandy. Total high-wire rehab project. I'm so impressed at the way you redesigned that sweater. The yarn is just the best--cosmic, definitely, and just plain old pretty. You wear it well! x0x00x

At 10:19 AM, Anonymous anmiryam said...

It's gorgeous, GORGEOUS. Let me make this really clear -- IT'S REALLY GORGEOUS.

Ok, that's out of my system.

At 11:44 AM, Blogger Lolly said...

Just brilliant, Mandy. You look beautiful, as does the sweater.

At 3:07 PM, Blogger Amy Boogie said...

you really make my yarn look good.

At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Belinda said...

Mucho Beautifullo.
I miss you!!!

At 1:10 PM, Blogger Cari said...

You look gorgeous in that sweater, and I'm coveting it madly. Please do write up the pattern!

At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Amber said...

Jeez girl that thing is gorgeous. I love it :)

Awesome job, and your hair looks so cute in pigtails!!!


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