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Mar. 10, 2007

My Thrilling Job

This one's for Symeon. A few months ago she sent me some photos of pages of notes for a design in progress, and I said they reminded me of what my editing notebooks look like.

I have several books full of this:

Yeah. I live the glamorous life, I tell you.


At 6:39 a.m., Anonymous pippi said...

Yours are so neat!!
and written all in pen, not crayon!

At 9:47 a.m., Blogger Marnie said...

Wow, that's an amazing look into your process. I can't even fathom being able to track everything you have on there, in any meaningful way. Color me impressed.

At 10:25 a.m., Anonymous Ande said...

Wow, you are amazing! Incredible that all that makes sense to someone! You have such talent.

At 10:26 a.m., Anonymous sivia said...

This is really scary and why I totally respect your tech editing!!!

At 5:37 a.m., Blogger Rabbitch said...

Ooh, nice sock.


At 4:11 p.m., Anonymous Deb said...

That is so cool. Tech editing is so scary to me, probably because the little bit of designing I've done has been paper-free!

(Only my immediate family has seen me do the knit-type-knit-type procedure I do when I'm writing and, yes, they think it's weird.)


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