Based on a True Sweater

Dec. 12, 2006

Perhaps It Will Eat You

My friend Nancy made my Felted Trellis Scarf, from Amy's book Not Your Mama's Crochet. It is awesome. Behold:

She really went all-out with the tying on of tentacles. She tied on about 400, which is perhaps twice what I did for the one I made for the book. She has raised the bar, folks; I must now make one with 800 tentacles.

Okay, maybe not. But I do need to make another one that looks as malevolently ALIVE as hers does. Apparently she has been asked if she feeds it.

It's always a thrill when someone makes one of your designs, especially when it looks this awesome in the end. :)


At 11:01 a.m., Anonymous Wendy said...

Very cool!

At 11:17 a.m., Anonymous Ande said...

I love it's muppetness! Fabulous!


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