Based on a True Sweater

Nov. 30, 2008


One of the things I love best about working for Knitty is 'meeting' all the designers whose work I edit. Some of them have become friends, which has definitely been an unexpected perk of the job!

Lately, we've had some patterns from well-known designers whose work I've long admired, whose names I saw in the books and magazines I devoured when I learned to knit in 2000. I've had email in my inbox from people like Nicky Epstein, Mags Kandis, Nancy Marchant, and - gulp - Norah Gaughan.

I have fervently admired Norah Gaughan's work since I bought my first knitting magazine (VK Fall 2000). Her work inspires and excites me more than almost any other designer's. To be editing patterns from her now... it's a bit intimidating.


At 12:13 a.m., Blogger Christa Giles said...

Can I touch you? :)


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