Based on a True Sweater

May 26, 2007

Old Hair vs. New Hair

It often seems that when I have a lot of things I'd like to write about, I am least inclined to write. Therefore, I am a crappy blogger.

I ran across this photo the other day, and I've been feeling compelled to post it again, since my blog archives from when it was taken have been lost.

Old Hairstyle

This photo was taken in January 05. I feel like I've changed a lot since then... my new hair is a symptom. I used to cut and dye my hair very frequently. I've done neither for over a year now. Sometimes I miss having hair like this, but when I think of doing it again, it feels like it would be returning to the past.

(The hat in the last post wouldn't look as good with the old hair, for one thing...)

The beautiful wrap was a 30th birthday gift from my beloved friend Bel (which is how I know this photo was from January!)

I'll write more soon. I even have knitting to show you.