Based on a True Sweater

Oct. 24, 2006

I'd Really Like To Know.

You know those days (or weeks, or months) when...
...you can't find the right thing to say in any situation, and it all just keeps coming out wrong?
...your mind straps you down and subjects you to a barrage of the stupid things you've said and done over the years?
...you feel absolutely certain that your friends and loved ones will figure out that you aren't really very smart or interesting?
...you generally suck?
What do you do when you have one of those days (/weeks/months)?

Oct. 22, 2006

Thinking About Pretty

Please go read this post on Dress A Day. It's not long; I'll wait.

I think this is something that isn't said often enough, and rarely this well. It's an issue I could write a long and personal blog post about, but I'm just not up for it right now, and really, Erin has said what needs to be said. (Go read her post now!!)

However, one anecdote belongs in this entry. The last time I bought glasses, I was shopping alone; the only person giving me opinions was the nice guy at the shop. After trying on many frames, I was still drawn to a particular pair which had made me gasp when I first saw them, even though they were (by far) not the most flattering pair on me. I did end up buying them, after dragging several people to the mall for opinions. It was unanimously decided (by those who know me) that they were the best choice, because they fit my personality so well.

However, rewinding back to my first visit, the man helping me was becoming increasingly flummoxed by my continued resistance to several frames which looked lovely on me, flattering my face shape and features. Finally, in exasperation, he blurted out, "Don't you want to be pretty??"

Oct. 18, 2006

Current Events

After the Rain

Well, folks, it looks like you will be spared the full force of my anniversary mushiness. Monday was the tenth anniversary of the day that Zak and I decided to, as they say, take our friendship to the next level. It has been the first ten years of something better than even my most fervent dreams. However, my relationship with myself is going through a bit of a rough patch right now, and it's leaving me a little less loquacious than usual.

But I have a few "look over there!" points to round out this entry:

1. Amy's crochet book is out! I'm excited by this because:
a) It was written by Amy.
b) I have 4 patterns in it, and acted as technical editor.
c) Zak has a pattern in it! (It wasn't photographed in a way which shows that it is actually a cool design, but... well, it is.)

2. The Perfect Sweater Pattern, the result of a collaborative project initiated by Ann of Mason-Dixon Knitting, is unleashed upon the world. I was technical editor for this, too, and did the sizing for it. It was a fun and exciting project to be part of, and I was very happy for a chance to make Ann's acquaintance after reading the MDK blog forever!

3. Hanging out with my friend Rachael has got me interested in photography. I'm certainly nothing more than a dilettante, but I'm having fun, and some of my photos please me very much. I have gone on a few photo-taking outings with Rachael and other people from Vandigicam; one to a bird sanctuary, and one through back alleys in downtown Vancouver (to shoot graffiti). I've been posting these photos on my Flickr page, as well as photos of other things, like KNITTING. Because I do still knit, really, and I have a lovely sweater to show you soon, I just need to photograph it. So, you know, please feel free to go check out my photos.

And that's all I've got for now. I guess I ended up with a respectably long post after all. Knitting soon, really.

Oct. 7, 2006

Human Knitting

Check out the photos my friend Christina posted on Flickr, from the Craft Rocks event at the Victoria & Albert in 2004. Remember reading about it in all the knitting magazines? That's where Christina learned to knit; her brother is in the Cast Off group. Can you imagine a better "how I learned" story than that??

Human Knitting at the V&A

Oct. 2, 2006

Attention Tara K.

This is a message for Tara K, from the fashion show days at the Warehouse:

I hope you read this. I got the comment you left a while ago, but unfortunately Blogger didn't send me your email address. Could you please try emailing me again? If the email link in my sidebar doesn't work, try mm at this domain name. I would love to get in touch again.