Based on a True Sweater

Sep. 30, 2006


Sometimes it's hard to write... things stay in my head, and the words just don't come. I've been seeing friends, but I haven't been talking on the phone or writing email much, except for my regular conversations with Zak.

He's home from a trip now, maybe I will get back to a more normal state of mind. This year has been pretty intense, we've been making lots of changes in our lives. We've both been finding the trips harder then they've been in the past.

Perhaps finally renting the first season of "Lost" to see what everyone was on about wasn't the most stress-free thing I could have done while Zak was away on a multi-city overseas business trip. I surprised myself by abjectly weeping during the first crash flashback.

I went for my usual walk tonight and ended up stopping for a latte on my way home. I sat and drank it and looked out the window, listening to the conversations going on around me. One thing I love about Vancouver is that it's not unusual to hear many conversations which I can't understand. I didn't understand anything being said in the entire coffee shop for a good 10 minues before someone answered their cell phone with a "hello". Although the cafe was noisy, I felt very peaceful. It was helpful to know that when I returned home, I could go into the bedroom and listen to my husband breathe.

Sep. 12, 2006

The Time, She Passes

A few milestones, in random order:

The new issue of Knitty was my ninth as technical editor. I'm still shit at meeting deadlines. (I'm proud of the first point, but not the second.)

August 30 was my three-year blogging anniversary. Most of my archives have been lost. (Amy is to blame for the first point, but not the second.)

Sometime right around now, six years ago, I decided to teach myself to knit. I have met a surprising number of my dearest friends because of this decision.

Next month, Zak and I will have been together for ten years. Ten freaking years, folks. I will refrain from going on about this right now, because you will no doubt get a nauseating dose of my sappiness when our anniversary rolls around. I'll tell you one thing, though. Right about now ten years ago, I was pretty shocked and angry to find that it really was possible to need someone.

Several hours ago, I really should have gone to bed.

Sep. 9, 2006

Mea Maxima Culpa

As you may possibly have seen already, I am sick, and it is my fault that the Fall Knitty is late.
Soon, my pretties. Sorry to keep you waiting. I promise I'm not having fun.

In the meantime, here's a photo of my brother Dan and I, taken when he and his friend Mike visited for a day last week, and a photo of him getting tattooed. As I expected, he's way tougher than me. Jerk.

Photos of my new tattoos will be up once they're done being crusty and gross. I have photos of his (which match mine) when they were just finished, but I want to try to build a little suspense here...

And now, back to work.