Based on a True Sweater

Apr. 30, 2006

98% Content-Free!

While Susie and I were out shopping on Main Street on Friday, she took some photos for me.

Here's one of the t-shirts I made this week. I really enjoyed making this shirt, it was a departure from the way I usually do things. It's not actually a great photo of the shirt, but it has two things going for it:

1. I look less fat than in the other photos (vanity, thy name is Mandy).
2. Behold the glory that is spring in Vancouver! Behold it!!!

Click for big.

Oh, forget the damn t-shirt. I'll take some photos of it lying flat, so you can see the things I like about it, which make it interesting. I'll photograph the other shirt I made, too.

How about some more of that glorious spring? How about... some spring, with lovely Susie (squinting a bit because of the sun), and a random car? Yes, that's the ticket. Again, click for big.

Apr. 27, 2006

It's As If I Have A Social Life

Work is freaking me out right now, as yet again I race to meet a deadine. Not so conducive to this racing is the amount of socializing I have been doing. Let's review the week, shall we?

- Monday: Zak leaves on a business trip. I go out for coffee, then wine, with our friend Sam. I stopped by Chapters on the way home to see this book on the shelf. (Holy crap! My name's on it! ...not that this is a surprise, but it was definitely a thrill.) I spent some serious quality time with this book, and had the inexorable need to then come home and make t-shirts until far too late.

- Tuesday: I went out for dinner with Rachael. You know when you meet someone through friends and think they're cool, then you see them at a few things and then you get together for, like, a first "friend date"? That was that thing. I was late. I hate being late. I am a reformed late person. I was thwarted by evil buses. *sigh* It was fun, though. Afterwards, I came home and worked til very late. The Late. Are you sensing a theme here?

- Wenesday: I went to our friends Lj and Raistlin's place. I love hanging out with them; they are wonderful, interesting, and never boring. Of course, I stayed too late. I came home and crocheted all fucking night to finish the last touches for my samples for Amy's crochet book. I am seriously sleep-deprived today, but the stuff is on its way... hooray!!

- Thursday: Tonight I'm seeing Susie, and we're both going to take tomorrow off work and hang out. The theory behind this evening is "Why should sleepovers be only for kids?" Doesn't it make more sense to have them when you're an adult, and don't have to worry about waking your parents up by talking too late? And, you know, you can drink?

That's my "weekend", since Saturday and Sunday will be all about the work. Zak comes back tomorrow, which makes it just about the shortest business trip ever. It will be so nice to have him back home so soon. :)

I wish I could show you some stuff, but there's been no knitting, and all the crochet has been for the book. Maybe I'll ask Susie to take some t-shirt photos for me tonight, so you can tell me if the shirts I am into making now are cute, or stupid. I only know they're fun to make. :)

Also? I have to make a dress to go swing dancing in. I will fantasize about that while I work to meet my deadline. I can't wait to start dancing again. :)

Apr. 18, 2006

Holy Crap, She Knits!

Did you know I knit? True story.

I finished my first pair of conventional socks last night. Years ago, I knit a couple of pairs of the Boston Bulky socks from Socks Socks Socks, which are double knit using chunky yarn. Since then, I have swatched toes and heels many times (for tech editing purposes), I've made mini-socks and read extensively to familiarize myself with sock theory... but every time I started a pair of socks, I would think "This is boring. I could be knitting a sweater."

Earlier this year, I bought two 60 cm, 2.5 mm Addi Turbo needles, with the idea that having the right needles would make all the difference. As usual, Addis were the answer. These were made from the beautiful Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock which Knitty Amy sent me last summer; the colour is Purple Club. I used this toe-up sock pattern, and made up a simple edging when I thought they were long enough. Here's the edging pattern:

When you get bored of knitting your sock, arbitrarliy decide you're at the end of a row. Cable cast on 4 sts; you should have these stitches on your left needle, ready to work, with your sock stitches trailing away down the needle after them. (Pardon me if this isn't my usual pattern writing style; I've been tech editing all day and am tired of pattern-writing succinctly and soberly.)
Row 1: Kfb, k3. Turn work; 5 edging sts on left needle, a whole bunch of sock sts on right needle.
Even-Numbered Rows 2-8: Slip first st from left needle to right needle, slip second st on right needle over first st on right needle, slip this st back to left needle, k to end. Turn work.
Row 3: Kfb, k4; 6 edging sts. Turn work.
Row 5: Kfb, k5; 7 edging sts. Turn work.
Row 7: BO 3 sts, k3; 4 edging sts. Turn work.
Repeat 'til you're done. Ta-da! Prissy little sawtooth edge.

These were fun. I think I will start another pair of socks tonight, Sivia gave me a pattern for a beautiful new (not-yet-published) sock design of hers...

Apr. 10, 2006

A Boring Entry About Cool People*

First things first: Though I am writing as though it's still Sunday night, technically it's the morning of the 10th, which means that Zak and I have now been married for 7 years.
Happy Anniversary, my Love!!

We had a wonderful evening with Rachael and Lala tonight. Rachael was one of the first bloggers I started reading, and we have been wanting to meet for several years now. It was very exciting to attend her wedding (v. 2) last Monday! Zak and I had a great time. It was fantastic to finally meet Rachael and her Lala, and it was a nice bonus to see Rachael Ashe again, and to meet Janice. (We met more folks at the "reception", but I can't remember everyone's name, so I will not embarrass myself by writing about it.)

I think I enjoyed tonight more, though. I wasn't so nervous, and we got to hang out with Rachael and Lala and relax with fantastic sushi and divine gelato. It's pretty cool to meet blog friends. I was surprised how much I have remembered from reading Rachael's blog the last few years, the conversation was pretty easy and the weirdness factor was pretty small. In fact, I kept sort of catching myself forgetting that I actually hadn't met Rachael in person before, and that this actually was a situation that should be fraught with awkwardness, or some kind of strange strangeness. Zak and I both like them an awful lot, and it's pretty disappointing that they live so far away!!

Also, I should point out that these photos are pretty good of Lala, but not so good of Rachael. (Also: quite goofy of Zak. Indifferent of me.) Do not be deceived. Rachael is gorgeousness incarnate.

* Sorry this entry is so devoid of wit and charm. It's been a busy, intense few weeks, and writing takes more brain power than I have at my disposal right now. As a result, I have to say this explicitly, instead of hoping it will come through in my writing: I am very happy and excited about meeting these new/not-new friends. They are quite awesome. That is all.

Apr. 5, 2006

Sometimes, Cats Are Frightening.

Apr. 3, 2006


So busy right now, and so tired. I need to work, but I'm exhausted and my back is spasming constantly, so I think it's time to sleep.
But there are a few things I need to get down before I go to bed.
1. Rachael and Lala's Wedding Part 2: The Canadian Edition was wonderful. I was so honoured to be there, and to finally meet Rachael after knowing her online these past few years was awesome. Pretty amazing. :)
2. Ande, I'll send you those photos tomorrow, promise.
3. Amy Sw., I missed you tonight. I wish you could have been here.
4. I love Vancouver. Also, I am very happy right now.
That is all. Good night. :)