Based on a True Sweater

Apr. 9, 2010

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Stevie Fingerless Gloves

Here are my Little Sister Stevie and I, when she came to Vancouver for a visit a couple of summers ago. (I have more current photos, I just love this one!)


She is clearly a young lady of taste and refinement, yes?

Accordingly, I designed a pair of tasteful and refined fingerless gloves for her for Christmas last year.

Stevie Fingerless Gloves

Thank you to my friend Susie, whose lovely hands you see modeling the gloves.

I visited Stevie in Calgary about a month after sending her the gloves, and was pleased to see that they were already faded, worn and slightly pilled from constant use. I think I should knit her another pair. Here's what they looked like when they were still pristine:

Stevie Fingerless Gloves

To see more photos (or to buy a copy of the pattern), please check them out on Etsy or Ravelry.

In conclusion: an exciting, crafty action shot!

Stevie Fingerless Gloves