Based on a True Sweater

Mar. 20, 2009

Fibres West

Thank you so much to the sweeties who left comments on my last post. I really appreciated knowing that there are people who still want to read my blog, even though I never write in it. ;)

If you're in the area, come hang out with Leanne and I at Fibres West tomorrow (Saturday March 21)! We'll be knitting tags and promoting our book. It looks like a cool show, with lots of interesting exhibitors!

Mar. 19, 2009

Spring Is On Its Way...

I just wrote the following to a friend who's coming out of a funk, and it seemed like a good note on which to start blogging again. I may have blogged about this superstition/tradition before.

I do adore spring in Vancouver.
I must share a homemade superstition that Zak and I have been observing since before we were dating, when we were just friends. On the vernal and autumnal equinoxes (like tomorrow!), we have a party, or if a party isn't practical, we go out for a nice meal, and think about the coming seasons. It's important to do something a little special, a little indulgent; tomorrow we're picking up our roommate from school and taking her out to lunch at a good burger place with MILKSHAKES. The idea is that it will ensure good luck in love and life for the coming two seasons. (Clearly the marital strife that Zak and I had recently, and the deep and horrible funk we were both in, is a result of not celebrating the autumnal equinox.)

I find that when we take the time to remember and mark the passing and upcoming seasons like this, it really does help us sort our heads out about what we want in our lives in the coming months, and to head forward with optimism. Celebrate tomorrow, if you can. Hopefully our homemade magic will serve you well. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful spring!